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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 17:13:35 -0800 (PST) From: Silvenfox Subject: Reflecting Equation - 4The following is a complete work of fiction.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life virgins preteens person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer:The following story may contain erotic situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Also expect blood, gore, incredibly funny scenes and super-powered teenagers with a destiny to save the world. If you're mafia hard preteen not a fan of any of these plus strong cursing and violence then this is not your type of story.Chapter preteen sex newsgroups 4Anger spilled from my fingers, hot and quick. I barely registered the wind blowing chaotically around my body, a living cyclone of magic and anger. Rage colored my sight, buzzing between my ears and turning everything hell red. I flexed my fingers and thunder cracked across the sky.My friends screamed my name but it was nothing but a whisper against the sentient windstorm that gripped the city. I didn't acknowledge them. They didn't matter right now. All I could think of, the only thing that went through my mind ... Kevin. They took my brother away.They would pay.I didn't go for fireballs or energy bolts. I was beyond playing with these fucks. I free preteen blog looked into Cobalt's eyes. They were identical to mine and the smirk on his face only increased my fury. The wind let out a howl as it felt and understood my rage, greatly increasing in force and becoming a thing of devastation.Words formed in my mind that I had long been playing with. Ever since I'd lost my pendant that had gone into unleashing Heaven's Trumpet, I had been toying with the creation of a new spell. The Ultimate Destruction Program was sealed to me without the focal point and magic amplification the pendant gave, so for the last five months I have been working on a backup spell. I hadn't tested it yet ... until now.I glared at the Power Rangers with cold, blank eyes as they struggled against the out of control wind. My hands clenched into fists and I bowed my head, taking all my grief and anger and binding it together with my will to fuel my spell."God King of all Demons I beseech you, I call upon you and swear my allegiance to you."Magic laced my words as it pierced the veil between the worlds and into the cold vacuum of nothing. Power gathered in my chest and filled my body with foreign energy. This spell lent me power from the monster of all monsters, the Dread Eyed King. He was the god demon that all demons prayed to at night. He was neither good nor evil. He was older than that, and too powerful for those mortal concepts. And I was calling on him."Hear my words through the deepest night, and free yourself from the nightmare pits of Na'ar, become one with my power, one with my body."Lightning black as night split the blue of the sky. The cold frigid power of the father of all demons filled me to the brim and the sky darkened to a pale violet. I knew without seeing myself that my eyes and hair had turned black like the sea of space. I could taste the power leaking from every orifice and pore of my body as it surged around me like a tornado."We shall become the things in dreams that terrify, my soul and your power together will rule Hell, let us as one deal death to those who stand in our path."Cobalt's scream of pure terror was drowned by the constant crackling of lightning and howling wind. He finally realized what preteen nodels the hell I was doing. He was right to be afraid. I was too.Lightning crashed into my body and there was an explosion of light and sound. A twisted grin formed on my face as I prepared to let loose the twisting cyclone of power."OBLIVION PACT!"The sky splintered open and the ground ruptured as the waiting power was unleashed. It spilled out in a black wave of terrifying ruin. Whole buildings exploded and gravity fled before the unleashed torrent of eldritch power. Bolts of seething darkness slammed into the shield covering Cobalt and the others.My clone struggled but was no match for the well of power that was my magic backed by the demon lord. An animalistic growl preteen girls buts escaped my throat as something alien arose in me.How dare that insignificant creature withstand my reach.A roar of triumph echoed through the air as the shield buckled and crashed. Screams came, then.It wasn't just them screaming, but me too. A mind pressed against mine, emotions overpowered my own and an ungodly presence swallowed me up in a sea of blackest pitch. My eyes widened in horror as I realized my miscalculation. It was too late. My mouth opened in a silent scream as everything around me burned.All that I am was buried and I became something else - someone else - his.Everything was consumed in black flames that destroyed all that it touched, turning it into dust with a caress of wild power. Lightning danced across the alien sky that showcased entrancing violet and indigo light.Black and gold light thrashed around __me__ in an impenetrable sphere."Warlock...Chad!" Omega screamed, illegal preteen models fighting his way through the powerful wind and chaos bolts.Did he mean me? The name meant nothing. It was as foreign as the body I inhabited. I examined the limb attached to the frail body that now housed all that I am. I experimented with its extremities. The fingers moved and formed into a fist. It was preteenmodel toplist adequate."Chad!"I turned to the screeching mortal. His bleeding emotions beat against my skin. I found it to be mildly discomforting. The memories of the host xxx preteen bbs ... Chad was the name of the form I now possessed; this crying mortal's name... Adam.His eyes leaked. Was he broken russian preteen gay no ... this was grief. It tasted like stardust and shadows against my tongue."My power is my own and I am my power," I stated to the grief stricken mortal.Others circled us, using everything they had to resist being swept away in the tempest that was my power. Folly endeavor. The preteens swimsuit hazel eyed mortal, Adam, struggled to approach through the storm of lightning and flame."Where's Chad?" the little mortal demanded. "Who in the hell are you?""I am the one who has waited for years uncounted to inhabit this plane again. I am Z'ef-lligno."His face turned white and he reached out his hand toward me. "Chad no! Bring him back. Now!""The demonic lovely preteen boys energy that exists within me has consumed him."I ignored the wail of grief and the devastation of the mortal and his allies. I turned as the little ants that shared the same life force and faces as the others caught my attention. The one whose aura sparkled like the sun screamed as my eyes landed on him.His feeble mind knew a true predator. His arms raised and a yellow beam split the air and struck the sphere of power surrounding me. It touched the barrier and was unmade. Pathetic.I took a step in his direction, forbidden preteen nudes the body moving ungracefully as it responded to my command. Still the boys fuck preteen earth shook beneath my feet as the armies of Hell below amassed and sang friendship preteen relationship of little preteen boys triumphs to come."If destruction is what you seek," I said, staring at the yellow haired human. "I will give you what you wish."With a stray thought his body was lifted into the air. A tendril of power sent him screaming and screaming as I broke every bone that supported his flesh. His screaming confused me. This was painful to him? It would have taken much more to hurt creatures during the days I once had form. Was the body of the human really preteen model agency so sickeningly fragile."Chad, baby, come back to me, please," Adam pleaded, gaining my attention.I turned and the screaming human fell from the air as my attention was diverted. A sliver of energy cut nn preteen tits through local space and I turned to witness the one who shared the vessel's face create a portal. The duplicates slipped through the fissure, fleeing my presence. No matter. They were not beyond my reach.No one could escape my sight. I was going to unmake them and everything else on this planet. As the day goes to night and night goes to day, the time find preteen of the human is done. They rule now where we once ruled. Where they rule now, we shall rule again.I shrugged off the hold of gravity and rose forth from the earth. Tracking the fleeing copies no longer mattered. By unmaking this world they would be obliterated as well. Yes, that would do.The city spilled out before me and I felt an inkling of curiosity at how the humans had grown so large in number. They were barbarians last I had paid them notice, little more than hairy apes that had spawned from the ooze beneath the feet of my armies.I raised my arms and gathered forth all that I was. Rings of power formed around the vessel with a snap as the demonic energy obeyed my command. Willing the power to form it coalesced above my head and there was a groan as space struggled to not bend around the amassing energy. The sphere of darkness was everything that the sun wasn't. When it touched it would burn this world to ash with an everlasting 14yo preteen bbs black flame."CHAD!"The hazel eyed mortal flew toward me and miraculously didn't disintegrate from the deathly energy emissions pouring forth from the growing sphere of destruction. The memories showed this soldier black preteen nudists was different. He wasn't just the lover, but he was closest to the Ragna-deliverance. Peculiar.He flew faster and a blade of thought given form appeared in his hands, glowing like the stars above. "You think I'm going to let you get away with this? I won't let you take him away! I'll save you this time, Chad " His expression was of hard unyielding determination. "I'm going to save you!"A swift and fleeting feeling of something preteen kinder ached deep within, then was gone. What was that feeling? I took in the tearful face of the lover as he flew higher, gritting his teeth as the energy emissions burned his skin and stray of bolts of lightning tore apart his armor. To continue on this path was foolishness. Surely he knew this.Adam ignored all of this. "You're stubborn, adorably dorky and crazy as hell, and most times I don't know what you're going to do next, but " He reached his hands toward the barrier surrounding the god king, successfully breaking through and grasping his lover's arms. "Chad ... don't leave me."The feeling was back and more intense this time. It surged through the vessel and pulsed inside chest something powerful. It was hot and light and intense. It preteen little pussys was new and something never before felt. This feeling, this stinging emotion, was this...Yes, the vessel, Chad, whispered through the confusing thoughts. I love him. Please ... let me go.The soul hadn't been destroyed?Now, looking for it, there it was. The god could see it all so clearly now. Whatever droplets of divinity the body possessed protected the host's essence. Also everlasting was the footsteps across the soul that led toward the hazel-eyed man.The Dread Eyed God finally understood this feeling, this ... love ... and it was_______ beautiful_______.He closed his eyes and let go.Then the sky exploded with white light.*My bones felt like lead and my body ached with a constant throb that stemmed deep under the preteen miniskirt skin. It hurt like a bitch. Everything did. It was a nonstop ache that a small part of me feared would never fade away. I suppose that I was even feeling pain in my own body, being conscious and all, was in fact a major miracle. This getting possessed shit was getting old.The stars dirty preteens bbs shined above as silent witnesses to the destruction of part of the city proper. Last time anyone had checked the TV it was filled with every news affiliate covering the story. Centennial was once again in the news for a disaster that people were calling horrifying.There hadn't been any deaths but reports of injured people were still coming in. Thankfully the area had preteen black underage been evacuated before the battle and the ensuing events following.Behind Nathaniel's manor was a garden that was like something out of a child's imagination. There were classical fountains, a winding maze of hedges, countless rose bushes and a small stream with an arched bridge made of white preteen anal rape stone over it.After Killian transported us here I refused to budge from the gazebo in the maze's center. It hurt too much to move and the fresh air was the only thing keeping me from vomiting. And the stars themselves were a comfort.Was Kevin up there somewhere watching us? I'd like to think so.Why hadn't he come back yet? Kevin being permanently banished was a thought I refused to entertain.Couldn't entertain was more like it."I think they'll be hurting for awhile," said Ryan. He leaned against the interior rail with his arms wrapped around himself. "Kevin really let them have it and then what Chad let loose on them..."Killian stared longingly at him and it hurt my heart to even see it. "I agree. They'll keep their heads down `til they come up with another game plan. I'm thinking something not so public next time.""You don't have to agree with me," Ryan pointed out, trying his damndest not to look into Killian's eyes."I'm not doing it to win favors." Killian argued, eyes flaring with pain and then masked by irritation.Ryan's eyebrows rose in surprise. "That's not what I meant. You just haven't talked directly to me in awhile I guess.""It hasn't been that long," replied Killian.Ryan just shrugged awkwardly. "It just feels that way."Killian let out a puff of breath and said quietly, almost inaudibly, "Don't do this. Not here.""Then when?" asked Ryan, his voice deep and angry. "You said we would talk and you keep preteen hymen pic amature preteens pics blowing me off. I'm so damn sorry about preteen angel galleries the whole thing."A humorless laugh left Killian and made us all flinch. It was full of such bitterness and sarcasm that the air was thick with it. I couldn't believe they were doing this here and now, after everything we had been through today. I wanted to yell and scream, but they had to get this out or they'd play this game forever."I know you're sorry. You don't think I know that?" asked preteen nudist uncensored Killian, his face a myriad of conflicting emotions, hurt and anguish. "I need time."Ryan bit his lip, eyes going wide and glassy. "A-a-are yo-you breaking up with me?" He looked unbelievably heartbroken. "I-I-don't even."There were tears in Killian's eyes now. "I'm not saying that. This is kind of my point. We have some serious trust issues. Maybe a break would be good for us. Just take some time to re-evaluate us, I guess.""I don't need time preteen tits tgp or whatever," Ryan snapped, rubbing roughly at his teary cheeks. "I just want you.""Ryan, please don't. You're making this hard." Killian's voice cracked a little, and he looked away preteen family nude from Ryan."No!" Ryan shouted. "If you're breaking up with me at least have the balls to look me in the face." He stared at him, determined. "If you do this there's no going taking it back."Ryan was breathing hard, skin bone white where it's stretched over his knuckles. His shoulders were tight with tension and his puffy eyes were red rimmed and filled with tears."Or what, you'll throw me in a lake again?" Killian gritted out, green eyes flashing dangerously. "You're giving me an ultimatum?" Killian was fuming, hands curled tightly into fists. His cheeks were flushed brightly and his chest heaved in heavy, angry pants as he visibly shook. There wasn't much else holding him together but that stubborn will he always exuded."Stop being an asshole," Ryan answered, swallowing hard as the fight was visibly leaving his body. He bit his lip to stop it from trembling. "I'm not giving you an ultimatum. I just want to know if this is it. I don't believe in breaks or time off, my parents went through that relationship limbo before they divorced and it's stupid."Killian blinked a few times and shrugged helplessly. "Why do you want to do this here in front of our friends?""They're going to know anyway," Ryan countered, gray eyes wild and sort of sadly dim. "Might as well see it happen all Technicolor."Nathaniel cleared his throat. He straightened his shoulders and awkwardly held out his hands in a placating manner. He tried to smile but it came out sad, but full of sincere concern."Boys, you're both stressed," he said logically. "It's been a long day. Don't... make any rash decisions. Please just calm down for a minute, alright?"For one awful moment I thought Ryan would pass out. It was the first time I had ever seen him look so fragile. I couldn't take how vulnerable he looked. Killian looked no better, but he was better at hiding it. He swiped his arm over his eyes."Look..." began Killian sighing. He shook out his shoulders and a fresh tear rolled down his cheek. "We'll talk about this later."Ryan shoulders practically crumpled as he hunched over. He hid his face, turning his head to the ground. "Whatever, Killian. I've heard that before."His last sentence sounded empty and hollow. He'd given up. I could tell. On what exactly, Killian's promise of a talk or their relationship in general, I didn't know. When he looked up we all took a moment to realize the change. It was noticeable on every level.Ryan's shoulders had straightened and he stood ramrod straight. There was sort of a hard and trained tightness in his stance. As if at any moment he would drop kick anybody who got too close. He swept his dark bangs from his eyes and they were just as cool and expressionless as his face. No matter the outfit he had on, I was looking at the Executioner."Are you alright?" Adam asked cautiously.Ryan nodded sharply and said back coolly, "Fine. I believe we were discussing the clones?"I exchanged a startled look with Adam. What the hell? I turned to Ryan. "Look, man-"He turned his back on Killian, ignoring the wrecked look reflected in those green eyes. Killian preteennude pic blinked and the expression was gone and replaced by indifference as he tried erect preteens to mirror Ryan's distantness.Ryan crossed his arms, gray eyes cold like the ice of the far north. "I think the clones will be disabled for a considerable amount of time. What concerns me is the well being of the Crown Prince.""Yeah..." said Adam slowly, shooting me a quick what-the-hell look. "That glyph was nasty looking. I don't much about magic but I know that."I hesitantly took my stare away from Ryan's blank face and Killian's frigid expression. I hoped to God they worked out their issues. Not just for the sake of the team, but for themselves.I shook my head and spoke up. "It was a sigil, not a glyph. It was too complex. Done in blood too. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Clone boy's been doing some studying."Nathaniel paced the circular tract of the gazebo. "And you said that sigil was drawn in blood?"I nodded. "Yeah. Usually that's darker magic but this felt, well, preteen fairy nudes uh... not." I shook my head to clear it. "That doesn't matter though. I just want my brother back."The air in the night was silent in the aftermath of my wish. Adam's arm squeezed me tighter. I scooted closer into his hold. We sat on the swinging bench, and I was pressed comfortably into the warmth of his side.We probably looked like we were in the middle of a wake to a casual observer. The somber mood that painted the air was thick with bleak grief and sorrow. I could almost taste it on the air.Nathaniel placed a hand over mine and squeezed. "I'm not forgetting about Kevin," he said with clear sincerity. "It's just I don't know what Cobalt did ... it's Theban script, I know that. It's one of the angel alphabets, holy script you can say. I don't know anyone who knows it. Most don't even know it exists."I shook my head, frowning. "Heaven's a higher order of reality. There's more ... of everything. The light of Heaven would burn the eyes from your skull. The music would puncture your eardrums and drive you insane. God, even the air would burst your lungs and boil your blood. Only angels and spirits can bear Heaven's touch.""How do you know that?" asked Killian, breaking his silence after the big argument.My voice changed and rang with cute preteen russia a familiar noble cadence. "How do you think I know?"They came to attention at the tone of authority. Prince Emrys' voice was clear as a bell and everybody unconsciously straightened. Ryan dipped his head respectfully, placing a fist over his heart and executing a short bow.I sighed internally. Aurek was definitely at the surface of his consciousness. I needed to talk with him later. I couldn't stand seeing him all broken like this.Nathaniel spoke with a gentler tone. "Kevin's not like us. His essence and soul was manufactured by Heaven clits pre teen to be their weapon. He's an angel made man."He was right. I knew it. Just the thought of a man in Heaven was enough to give me chills. It's meant for spirits not beings of flesh. I wasn't sure how even I would fare in Heaven. Even being in a portion of it, the Celestial Realm, was damn near sensory overload."I'm sure he'll be fine, baby," Adam breathed into my ear. "Nothing can keep that little hairless preteen boy down long."My phone buzzed against my thigh and flipped it open. The caller ID showed it nudist teens preteens was my mom. It was the third time she was calling. Unfortunately I wasn't coherent enough to answer the other times. I licked my lips and pressed the answer call button on the touch screen."Hello?" I said hesitantly."Chad, where in the hell are you!"I pulled the phone away from my ear as my mother screeched into my eardrum. Oh boy. She was on a roll. I ignored the sympathetic looks everyone shot me."The school called and said you ditched your last two classes!" she yelled, and then gathered her breath for another round. "On top of that you didn't come home either!"Adam's hands laid flat on my stomach. He leaned his preteens fuckpics head against the back of mine and placed a soft kiss against the nape of my neck. I took the offered comfort and reassurance from the gesture. It was majorly needed."Don't worry, Mom, please," I interjected quickly when I could. "Why aren't you at work covering the exploited preteens girls big story about the Chosen?"She let out a growl that made me fear for my life. "A news story isn't going to keep me from worrying about my kid. Now. Where. Are. You?""I'm at a friend's," I said quietly."Get home," she said in an eerily soft tone that parents get. "Now.""Fine, Mother."I hung up and dropped the phone into my lap. Adam tugged at my shirt and I turned my head up to stare into his face. He looked down at me with stark worry in his eyes."Everything okay?" asked Adam. "She sounded really mad."I shrugged. "It's fine. The school called my mom when we ditched. You guys probably will get an earful too.""I'm a senior so they don't really care about us skipping," Adam pointed out.Killian snorted. "As if my parents would give a damn."Ryan raised an eyebrow as I looked at him and then finally spoke at my continued stare. "My father's at the hospital. He won't be home till tomorrow. I'll erase the voicemail."I wanted to just fold my arms around him and hold him tight, and tell him everything would get better. This wasn't like him at pretty preteen cunt all. I wasn't used to seeing this withdrawn and distant person that wore my friend's face. Aurek could channel his emotions like a deck of cards and Ryan was drawing on that ability to the fullest. He put a wall over his emotions and all I wanted to do was break it down and see him smile again.I rolled my eyes, downplaying my worry by making a joke. "Figures I would be the only one to get caught." My smile faltered as a thought hit me. "Shit. I petite bikini preteens better talk to Kevin's parents.""That won't be necessary."I turned my head and Celeste stood at the preteen schoolgirlunderage schoolgirl bottom step of the gazebo. There had always been a sort of ethereal and serene quality to the angel. Now the Voice preteen child sluts of the highest powers looked tired, her expression was nude preteen modelpics placid and it matched the even preteen topless pictures tone she had spoken with. She was dressed in her usual white, shimmery gown that flowed like air and looked like silk.Adam and I stood up at her presence reflexively. Cuddling with the boyfriend didn't seem all that appropriate in front of preteens topless adolescent an angel of heaven. I blinked as Nathaniel stepped in front of us, smiling earnestly and with his ears turning bright naked preteens org red."Celeste," he said her name almost reverently. "I-um... it's good to see you again."Her gossamer wings fluttered a bit in the wind and she smiled softly. "I return preteens sex videos the sentiment. Forgive me, I..." Celeste brow furrowed as if she what she wanted to say was too hard. "I have watched you all this time when I could, but there are other duties and circles circling within that I cannot overlook.""Kevin-" I began, stepping forward.Celeste watched me evenly. "The Trumpeter still is within the halls of the Silver City. He is safe. Do not worry for him.""Kind of hard not to do that, since you know, he's my brother," I retorted.She looked up at the stars for a moment then back at me, expression utterly serious. "And before that he was the youngest angel with the mightiest burden. Rest easy. He is well.""Then why isn't he here?" I countered, starting to get a little frustrated. I trusted my brother's safety with no one.The angel stared at me with those intense blues eyes. I tried and failed to meet her gaze, but the unnatural asian preteens sex shimmer made me breathless and dizzy after prolonged contact.She spoke when I looked away. "He is receiving revelation.""Is there something wrong?" Nathaniel asked quickly."I will free preteen forums tend to preteen ipictures the matter of Kevin's parents," she said als scan preteen instead of answering his question. "Their minds will be scrubbed so that Kevin's absence will not burden them until his return.""And when will his return be?" I asked. I wasn't feeling this miniscule information bullshit."When he is done," Celeste answered, calming my temper with a single look. "Before he was reincarnated as Prince Gaius, your brother was an angel of They Above All. There are many who missed him all nudist forum preteen these years. He is a welcome guest of the Silver City."Silver City, a tiny voice whispered in my ear, the home of the angelic host. I knew that. Or at least Emrys knew it at one point and time. It was part of heaven, yet not the same place, much the same way the Celestial Ream was not directly within the central domain of Heaven."I like you Celeste, but if Kevin doesn't come back soon I will storm that city and bring him home," I promised, meaning every Goddamn word. "I don't know what you're not telling us, but it seems like something's got you guys upstairs spooked."Celeste narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Why should this concern you, Chosen Warlock? It is Heaven's business. Leave Heaven to answer it."I took a step forward before I could think better of hitting an angel. "It's my business because it seems to me you're dragging Kevin into it.""Do not presume to know Heaven's affairs," she said, the air growing colder with every syllable. "I am here to act as an emissary to They Above All. I am their voice on Earth and you are their hand. I am not here to perch on your shoulder." She gave me an even stare. "For the record, I am a soldier before messenger. Do not think to threaten me.""And I'm the son of a former First God and magic's champion. Don't think I'm one to roll over and just take orders."Her face softened and the barest hint of a smile formed. "Kevin said you would react like this." She touched my shoulder with a feather light touch that soothed my aches videos preteens gay like a balm. "You should rest. You are putting too much strain on your body."Adam placed a gentle hold on my elbow, keeping a well trained eye on Celeste. "She's right, love. You haven't fully recovered from that possession. Which, I gotta say again was a bonehead move.""It worked."He looked at me and I wilted, preteen mpg old mustering a half smile. "Okay, fine. Major overkill fuckup."Celeste pursued a thorough examination of my body. "It is a miracle you are not comatose. I suppose it nudist russian preteens is a measure of your divine constitution. When you ssexy preteens called on the Demon God you called on his power-""And he is his power," I finished. "I realized that too late. I made myself into a freakin' welcome mat." I looked around suspiciously. "You guys aren't trying to turn this into an intervention are you? Last time I checked I was magic's champion.""You still have to be careful, baby," said Adam quietly.And when he used that tone and those puppy eyes how was I was supposed to dismiss him? It's not like I did it on purpose. I didn't like riding bitch while some preteen braless photos god wore my body like a suit. It was a nightmare being trapped in some dream preteen bbs box in the back of my mind while my soul writhed in agony. There wasn't a word for the pain that took place on a level modern science couldn't fathom.Hazel eyes bored into preteen 11 masterbating me and I deflated with a sigh. "I'll be more careful, Adam. I swear."Adam tiny angels preteen wrapped me in his arms and squeezed me pre teen pantiehose tight. His hair tickled against my face as he moved his head, burying his face into the crook of my neck.He kissed my earlobe and whispered. "I just want you to be safe.""I will."*This was some real bullshit. Save a city and I was rewarded with a grounding. This secret preteen nudity art identity thing was seriously starting to blow like whoa. Considering that my mother covered the Chosen in the news like Lois Lane with a Superman scoop, she preteen girls models would go ballistic if she discovered it was me putting my life on the line. Then, all Hell would really break loose.I locked the bedroom door behind me and then crossed over to the bed. I practically sister preteen model collapsed across it. amateur preteen nudist I was so freaking tired. The aftereffect of the preteen porn rapidshare possession was still playing havoc on my body. This must be how Lindsey Lohan feels every day of her life.With slow movements I toed off my shoes and shimmied out of my jeans. Peeling off my shirt actually required more movement than I liked but I managed till I was down to just my CK boxers.There was a noise behind my head and I jumped preteen pics modela as the window flew open. I rolled off the bed in one smooth motion, and my fingers curled into my palm, lighting jumping from tip to tip as I faced the window.Adam hoisted himself through the open window like some Chris Kringle wannabe. My mouth dropped as he stumbled, righted himself and then threw his arms up in triumph."Victory is mine!" he said, sounding entirely too smug. He looked at the dissipated lightning fading from my palms and tipped his head. "Uh, you about to shock me?" He grinned widely, then. "Kinky."I rolled my eyes and looked him over. He was wearing a pair preteen porn passes of dark track pants and a gray hoodie. A red licorice rope that's at least, like ten feet long was wrapped around his neck a few times, and then his right arm, with the end caught at the corner of his mouth where he chewed it with a giddy smile."You goddamn asshole, way to scare me for life. What are you doing here?"He grinned so hard that the corners of his eyes crinkled. "Awww, my little princess scared?""Eat shit, gigantor," I huffed out, crossing my arms.He wiggled his eyebrows and the move was adorable and dorky and my eyes glazed over. My thoughts shifted as I couldn't help staring directly at his mouth. Before I could help it I lapsed into a Lady and the Tramp fantasy, then. Wherein, I would lift one end of the licorice rope and chew it until our lips met in the middle. It would be so totally cute and best preteen 15 if we could get a camera or something set on a timer, then we could make copies for my scrapbook and facebook page."What are you thinking about?" asked Adam warily, eyeing my dreamy expression.I shook my head, grinning. "Nothing. So you came to impress me with your breaking and entering skills? I must say next time, dress all in black. It'll fit the theme better, baby."He grabbed my hand and tugged me down to the bed. We fell into the blankets and I moved so I lay between his spread legs. It was definitely my favorite position. I loved feeling his heartbeat at my back and his hands rested perfectly against the curve of my hips.Adam wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and nestled his chin on my shoulder. "I couldn't sleep knowing you preteens model nudes were here hurting. Then you had to deal with your mom going off on you-""She really let me have it," I muttered, wincing at the memory. "She was so angry."He gripped my index and middle finger and squeezed them. "One day we'll be able to tell people. She will know all about us, then.""That day would come a whole lot faster if we didn't have to keep fighting whack villains," I turned to look at his face. "Did you see Ryan and Killian when we left?"Adam winced. "Killian was doing his Mr. Freeze thing. His face might as well been a block of ice for the emotion he expressed.""He's good at that," I agreed quietly. "Ryan's the one I'm more worried about. Killian is his first everything. I think he's using his empathy to block his emotions. He's acting more like Aurek than Ryan."Adam let out an unhappy sigh. "The boy can tell you how to disable, maim or kill a man in a thirty words or less, but he's always been the most sensitive out of all of us.""Kind of ironic considering he has the power of empathy, however limited it may be," I chuckled and then sobered up. "I just want them to be okay again."He squeezed my arm. "We can try and nudge them, but they've got to fix this on their own. Right now it's too fresh. I bet in a week or so they'll be in better places to talk it over."I rubbed a hand over my bottom lip. "I finally thought this was their chance. In Atlantis, God, Apollo had such a crush on Aurek.""And Aurek was completely oblivious," Adam laughed and I joined in. "He undressed him with his eyes whenever Aurek came into a room."I snorted at that. "And yet he was still more subtle than you at having a crush." I couldn't help voicing the lingering thought. "Do you think something is wrong?""Whoa. Whiplash." A line went between his furrowed brow and he frowned, confused. "What do you mean?""I mean, Celeste tried to dismiss young hard preteens it but she was wigged, like, seriously," I explained, thinking back to earlier. "It was weird. I've never seem her look so tired, I guess. And now Kevin's in Heaven doing who knows what."Adam absently rubbed the pulse point in my wrist. "You're saying it like they're trying to draft him or something.""The term avenging angels isn't for laughs. Read the Bible, they're an army. And it seems like something's coming that has them freaked."Adam shivered and rubbed the hair on his forearms. "I don't know what can scare an angel. For all our sakes, I hope you're worrying for nothing, babe.""As soon as Kevin gets back, I'm grilling Horatio Caine style," I replied with a firm nod. "I don't need us to start having secrets. We don't need them now that we have the Power Rangers trying to take us out."A giggle left Adam before he could keep it in. It was child like and made my stomach flutter like something else. I couldn't keep a bbs underage preteen smile from forming in response. It was suddenly my favorite sound."Are we really going to call them the Power Rangers? You would," he teased, running his fingertips hardcore preteen art over the band of my boxers.I shuddered at the feather light touches and grinned. "Hell yeah, we're calling them that. You know you like it.""Whatever," he said flippantly, failing to hide his smile. He pouted and tugged me impossibly closer. "More cuddles.""Sap."It was obvious that was a joke since there wasn't anything I loved more than Adam's affectionate nature. I would give him the moon if I could just to see him smile at me.Adam brushed the hair away from my ear and started to sing in a soft whisper. "And you can tell everybody this is your unclothed preteens song. It may be quite simple but, now that it's done," he started, and I began to chuckle into his neck, tickling his skin. preteen pics blog Adam smiled wider karina russian preteen and continued. "I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you're in the world."I pulled back then, reaching up to cup Adam's cheek in my hand. "How people never catch you on their gaydar I'll never know," I said, trying for teasing but I think the softness in my tone defeated the joke.Adam pressed our foreheads together. I desi pre teen laughed and pressed a soft kiss between Adam's eyes and then an even softer, gentler one on the tip of his nose."Who can resist your baby blue eyes? I'm just a man," Adam said solemnly.I stared at him, and Adam's eyes went glassy and unfocused preteens art pictures at our close proximity. He surged forward and licked a wet strip down the right side forbidden preteen nudist of my face. We both cracked up at the same time, our noses brushing together."I'm going to miss this when you're gone," I said, sighing.Adam's entire body went still. "Stop, babe, please. I don't even know if I got in. We can't keep talking about it. It only makes you sad. There's been no word.""Yet," I added, smoothing out his wrinkled brow with my fingertips. "Juilliard will be sending you an acceptance letter any day now. There's not a doubt in my mind. Next semester I'll still be here and you'll be in New York.""You still can see me if I go," he replied, biting his lower lip.I shrugged one shoulder. "Sure, but it won't preteen nude butts be like it is now. I won't see you everyday. And if I magic myself there too often people around you would start to get suspicious. A boyfriend that lives in California can only make so many cross-country trips before there's questions.""We'll figure something out," Adam reasoned, peppering the line of my neck with tiny kisses. "We've got time. Just wait, one day, it will be me and you and nothing but the future in our hands."Something low in my belly melted all hot and ran through my veins. It was warm and I liked the feeling, a lot. The thought of years spilling out before us with nothing but Adam at my side, and peace, was a powerful thought. I wanted it like I wanted nothing else in my life."Tell me about it," I said, swallowing thickly."It's going to be awesome, love," Adam said, a bright smile shining on his face. I was awed by his enthusiasm. "How do you feel about a nice place with a big garden? We can get a couple of dogs and they'll have somewhere to run around. Our kids would love a pool, too.""Kids?" I asked shyly, liking the thought more and more. This was new territory, but the idea of making a family with Adam was sending my emotions all over the place.Adam ducked his head blushing. He smiled tentatively, looking at me through his eyelashes. "I-I've always wanted kids. Not now or anything." He rushed out, chuckling nervously. "But someday."I cleared my throat. It felt tight and my heart was pumping wildly. "Boys. Two of them ... and a little girl. It's..." I said throatily, watching as his eyes lit up at the declaration. "That's how many I want."He pinched my cheeks, laughing so clearly and delighted chinese preteen models that it dazzled me. "Look at you, my little housewife."I snorted and he winked, letting me know he was kidding, and by the way he squeezed my fingers ... he was totally on preteen girls thongs board with me. Adam tangled all our limbs together and sighed against my neck."Remember those days when you hated my guts?" asked Adam, fondly.I let out a happy sigh. "Those were the days.""You hid your feelings pretty well but I totally was your secret crush, and you know it. It was quite sad really," he laughed, tickling my ribs and making me squeal skinny preteen models with giggles. "Come on, admit it. Bitch, tell me I'm awesome!""You're awesome," I laughed, squirming under his fingers.The fingers disappeared and Adam let out a hum of contentment. "I know. Took you long enough to admit it."I glowered. "I hate everything about you.""I know," Adam replied simply, cupping his hand around the nape of my neck. It was solid and cool against my skin, loving. It felt good.I closed my eyes and shivered at the tingle that went down my spine. When I opened them Adam and I were a hairsbreadth away. Our faces were not an inch apart and I could feel his breath against my lips, cinnamon and candy sweet."For your information, I like to build to this shit," I said with a straight face. "I was seducing you."One eyebrow rose. "With what?""My awesome," I said, leaning forward to lick across his upper lip. "I was seducing you with my awesome. So point, game and match, motherfucker."He snorted. "We both won in the end I think.""Such a girl."Adam chuckled. "Shut unerage preteen nymphets up."He wiggled his eyebrows and bent down and kissed me, slowly and lazily, mapping my mouth with preteen download free his tongue and tracing his name against my skin. We took our time and my world tilted till everything became AdamAdamAdamAdam. His hand rested against my chest and over my heart like a brand.Adam opened his eyes and pulled back. preteen panty model They were glassy and the green was dark against the amber brown, and his lips swollen and bruised with kisses. It made my head spin."We better stop before..." His hand flexed against my chest, fingers splayed wide open and possessive. "I don't want to do anything. Not while you're all hurt ... after everything that happened today."I grabbed his hand as he moved to stand. modeling preteens girls "Wait..." I licked my lips, meeting his stare and squeezing the hand caught in mine. "We don't have to do anything. You know it's never been ... not with us. Just stay. Please."A warm preteen in heels smile came over his face and his eyes softened, as something warm shone through as clear as the sun. Adam climbed onto the password preteen porn bed on all fours moving between my legs, and my hands instinctively settled low on his hips.Adam kissed each naked preteen blondes cheek and then my lips, smile glowey and dizzying bright. "I'll stay. Always." He swore. "Always."**** And after a stockings preteen photo long delay the story is underground cp preteen starting again. Hopefully these last chapters will come in a more frequent manner to cap off the ending to this series. I'll try my best preteen illefal to update quickly to give preteen boy websites the story a proper send off it deserves.I failed to realize the link to the ficlet last time of the story "Four Ways Adam and Chad Didn't Meet (And the One Time They Did)" was completely corrupted. Here's the correct link. it comes out okay. If not you can find it at the Chosen wiki. Again, it's a short story that won't be posted on Nifty that features Chad and Adam meeting in different ways whether as kids, adults or college students, destiny will find a way to put them together.Thanks for the emails that I got asking about updating. If I didn't reply I'm sorry I tried to get as many preteen vombat sex as I can. Sometimes I miss a couple. Here's a link to the other story I'm writing. It's a romance story and it's posted on nifty as well. It's called Nothing More Awesome Than This and it's preteen ls movies a romantic comedy set primarily in an office workplace./nifty/gay/adult-friends/nothing-more-awesome-than-this/ -- Drop me an email here. - Chosen forum. For updates/discussion -- The Chosen Wiki (Still in Progress)
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